Reader, Worship Assistant

Every Sunday is an opportunity to practise your skills and build your self confidence by sharing in the tasks of reading God's Word, or helping in the worship. 

You are invited to read several paragraphs of God's Word or usher.

The best way to really worship

 is to help lead! 

Seasonal Pot Luck Dinners

We are a "pot luck" church!

We gather on Thursday evenings the four weeks before Christmas, and the five weeks before Easter for weekly pot lucks followed by short informal worship with music, prayer and fellowship.

You are welcome to our potlucks and worship!  Please call Flo Naatz (818) 886-1324.


We like to celebrate whether there is a reason or not!

You are invited to meet new friends, have a cup of coffee or juice, enjoy snacks and chat.

You are invited to sign up to host our fellowship time providing the snacks and making the coffee.  Its not hard and others will help you.


Our Music Director, Mr. Tim Jameson, is one of the best, and he leads the choir in rehearsal on Wednesdays from 4:00 to 5:00 P.M, and the congregation in worship and celebration every Sunday.

Tim is a very gifted musican who leads with a wonderful sense of organization and humor.

Singing in a choir is a "learning experience,"  come and learn!  You meet new friends and have a good time.

Singing keeps you sharp!

AA Meetings, NA Meetings

We thank God that we can host a number of AA and NA meetings at Prince of Peace!  Please call Flo Naatz at (818)886-1324 for days and times.


Every Sunday the children are invited to the front of the church to be gently acknowledged, encouraged and "embraced" by the congregation. Each child is blessed, and prayers are offered for each child's safety and faith. 

This is good for the child's self confidence and self identity.


Our ladies meet to sew and assemble lap quilts for our veteran's home right here in Northridge; and heart pillows (be sure you get one) for visitors to our worship.

 They are always busy and you would enjoy meeting them!  Please call Flo Naatz for information (818) 886-1324.

Mentoring/Confirmation of Faith

Young people of all ages are encouraged to get to know what they believe and get to know Pastor Chuck in mentoring/confirmation.

Over two years, the "confirmand" meets with Pastor Chuck to learn about their faith, God's Word, and to understand the Christian life.

Right now, Christine Hattendorf meets with Pastor Chuck on a weekly basis. 

Be praying that Christine will grow if faith and knowlege of God's love.

Lutheran Social Services

Lutheran Social Services is the largest care-giving organization in the United States, even larger than the Red Cross or the Salvation Army.

Our "Family Care Center" is at Central Lutheran Church at the corner of Victory and Tyrone, just East of Van Nuys Blvd.

We support Lutheran Social Services by donating time, clothes, toys at Christmas, food, furniture, and funding for their programs.

NEED A LITTLE HELP?  Call Lutheran Social Services at (818) 901-9480