Lutheran Social Services

Lutheran Social Services meets the needs of those who are in need of food, clothes, other kinds of help, and encouragement!

Our Family Care Center is at Central Lutheran Church at Victory and Tyrone, just East of Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys.  Please call 818-901-9480.

Lutheran World Relief

Since World War I, Lutheran World Relief has often been one of the first to respond to famine in Africa.  For more information, please google Lutheran World Relief.

The Worldwide Lutheran Church

Some churches and denominations send missionaries to places like India and Africa.

Lutheran Christians did that two centuries ago, and now there are more Lutheran Christians in Africa and in India then there are in the United States of America!

We still send missionaries throughout the world, but they often support the work of local Lutheran denominations which have faithfully announced and witnessed to the Good News of Jesus Christ for many years!